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    Turn of Undo/History?

    benjaminmueller_burda Level 1



      is it possible to turn of History/Undo in InCopy/InDesign while modifying the content with CSSDK? It seems that InDesign could be A LOT faster if it wouldn't try to remember whatever the code does via scripting.


      Thanks for your help!





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          Harbs. Level 6

          Not really, but you can use UndoModes to collapse all changes into a single undo...

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            a little old topic but I actualy got the same question.

            I am automating InDesign (CS5.5 - CC) using VB.NET compiled as exe.

            the exe is started from SDK plug-in.

            For this reason the UndoMode is not an option because I do not use DoScript.

            Saving document while processing it to clear Undo is also too slow.

            I am asking myself if it would be possible to create small scriptable plug-in which could be accessed from VB.NET to clear undo each time it is called?


            any suggestions?


            thx in advance