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    Premiere Pro CS6 Generates HUGE file - Encoder settings help please

    SheridanMultimedia Level 1

      Using PPCS6 to create a 6 minute AVI file. The source video is an AVI screen capture from Camtasia for an application that is spread across 3 widescreen monitors, making the screen/video resolution 5760x1200 with a frame rate of 30. I need to output the same resolution/aspect ratio (Camtasia will not do this, hence my use of Premiere).


      The initial screen capture is just under 2GB.

      The AVI output from Media encoder is 45GB which is just too big to use.

      Is there some settings I can use that will create a file of approximately the same size (under 3GB) and still look as sharp as the original capture?


      My current encoder settings are:

      Codec: Microsoft Video 1

      Quality: 90

      Width: 5760

      Height: 1200

      Frame Rate: 30

      Field Order: Lower First

      Aspect: Square Pixels (1.0)

      Depth: 8-bit

      Keyframe Interval: 8

      Optimize Stills checked.