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    Setting for whether to resize images or not in exportContext.propertyTable?


      I have a plugin that creates multiple renditions of various sizes.  For the sizes I require, the image sizes are set with the two properties LR_size_resizeType and LR_size_maxHeight.


      The issue I am facing is that the rendering process only reduces the sizes if the "Resize to Fit" checkbox is checked in Export settings.  If left unchecked, all renditions are set at the same size of the original image.  I've attempted to find out which property this checkbox may effect, but don't see any difference in the keys/values of exportContext.propertyTable between having the checkbox set or not set.


      I hope somebody can help advise on the following:


      * Is there a property I can set to force LR to resize renditions, whether in exportContext.propertyTable or elsewhere? 


      * If not, is there a property in my plugin's preset values that can set this checkbox to 'on' when the plugin is installed?


      * Any other approaches to force LR to resize renderings without having the user check the 'Resize to Fit' checkbox?


      Thanks in advance for any help.