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    Xpath search in a mapped network drive


      I may be missing something here, but nevertheless...


      FM11 on Windows Vista.

      Using the XML view, I am searching for an xPath query such as //section. I select the Folder option and hit Run. The Browse for Folder dialog opens. In this dialog I see my local drives and folders but no mapped network drives. Is this by design?


      If I go to Windows Explorer and navigate the the desired network folder, then copy the address to the clipboard, I can paste that address in the Browser for Folder dialog and it works OK. But that is not the way to do it.


      Roger Shuttleworth

      London, Canada

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          shuttie27 Level 1

          I can now answer my own question. The reason that mapped network drives are not visible is that you have to run FrameMaker as an administrator. Go figure.


          Just in case anyone else is as perplexed as I was...You can set it to do that by default by right-clicking the shortcut and choosing Propertes. Then on the Compatibility tab, select the option to do so.