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    Premiere Pro Using All RAM

    Kyle D. Fisher Level 1

      I recently finished a short film that I did with my friends and it was a bit more advanced than any other video I have ever done. I believe whenever I opened the project, there were about 300 items loading, atleast thats what it said at the bottom. Anyways, I have a 15 inch macbook pro (mid 2010 model) with a 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5 and 8 GB of RAM and I am running Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and editing DSLR footage. For some reason, ever since I started getting into the middle of this project and importing more footage, PP has been taking up all of my RAM and running very slow. I have a memory tracker and it goes from about 7.2 down to 100MB. It really slows down when I am looking through imported footage for some reason, but it has never done this before. The weird thing is that when I do an Adobe Dynamic Link with AE and I am editing in AE, the RAM goes back up to about 3GB, but right when I switch over to PP and start looking through more footage and editing, it goes back down to 100mb. Right now I am exporting a video that is 3117mb in size and about 13 minutes. It has been about 2 hours and it has an 45 minutes left and my RAM tracker keeps moving up and down anywhere from 30mb to 400mb free. I hope I have enough info for you guys. If it helps, I have about 75GB free on my 320gb internal HD, but I have been lower than that and PP has ran just fine. My guess is that it is because of all the files I have imported to the project.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Sounds like one of the benefits of a MBP, next to its ludicrous price and limited capabilities.

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            Greg Baber Adobe Employee

            It would help to know resolution/codec of footage, but honestly I think I can answer without.


            A)  DSLR footage tends to be highly compressed which means processor and memory intensive to use.

            B)  Large amounts of footage will use large amount of memory.

            C)  Your system is not that high-powered.  You will need to make some concessions to hardware.

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              Kyle D. Fisher Level 1

              I went back to one of my previous prjects with a lot less footage and it worked just fine so you are right. I don't have the money now to make upgrades but when I do, what would be the most crucial part to upgrade. Also, would you suggest (if I do another project this big) to only have a few scenes at a time in each project and then rendering them seperatly and joining them together into one file for now?

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                Greg Baber Adobe Employee

                In general with computers, upgrading your RAM will give you the biggest bang for your buck.  I would also look into getting an external hard drive solution - it's always best to leave 25% of your hard drive empty at minimum.  Some people will insist on 50% capacity.  The external is NOT for your footage or your cache.  Use it to store some of the files using up so much space on your internal.


                Working in segments will help keep the requirements down.  You can always break down a larger movie into segments like acts and scenes.  That's a good way of working in an NLE anyway - remember that a sequence can be embedded into another sequence.  Just render out those sub-sequences when done, and that will greatly cut down on the amount of memory you will be using.