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    onFocus problems

    BeniRose Level 1
      I have this problem with an input TextField. I had it working before but for some reason, something changed. I have an input field that starts with some text, and then has an onFocus function so that when you give it focus, it clears, and then an onKillFocus that restores the text the field is blank when focus is killed. It worked fine for a bit and infact I have a working version here. However, after some changes I've made (which I've tried to take out, but still get the same results) the onFocus handler is called a second time after I click away from the input box. So in short, it won't let me loose focus from the input TextField by clicking anywhere else in the movie, in order to loose focus, I have to give focus to another input field (like a checkbox or button). I thought this started happening when I put the other input fields on the stage, but I tried killing them and it's still happening. You can see what I'm talking about by going here. Any ideas?

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