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    Problems with CS6 RAM does not dump and keeps going up during playback in timeline


      We are having a Problem with RAM during playback or Scrubing in the Timeline the RAM use by CS6 starts to go up all the way to our 21 GB (asign to CS6) of the 24gb we have..  We are just viewing 30ss HD 1080P clips in the time coming form AE after color correcting and compositing of RED material.. The Memory Use of CS6 view in the Task Manager stays and it is not dump after hitting stop of the playback..  We have to quit CS6 to start playback again because it will start to skip frame and problems with audio when the memory starts to go up..


      Media is on the Internal SATA Disk on the machine..


      Our System is a BOXX

      WS Dual Intel Xeon X5690 4.3Ghz Enhanced Performance Processors (Six−Core)

      24GB DDR3−1333 REG ECC (8 − 2GB DIMMS)

      NVIDIA Quadro 4000 2GB

      250GB 7,200rpm SATA Drive

      500GB 7,200rpm SATA Drive

      Blackmagic Decklink SDI (using lattest driver 9.6.1) and yes we already updated and did not do anything to the RAM Problem.


      Any hint of what maybe causing the problem?/