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    Paragraph styles -- correctly mapped, but not for XML drag/drop?


      I have imported XML that is using a script to map all of the XML tags to styles by name. This is all working correctly, and in the Structure pane I can verify this when looking at "Map Tags to Styles..." (they are all mapped correctly).


      However, when I drag and drop any XML element (that is mapped to a style) into the page, it automatically defaults to my self-created "Authors" style no matter what.


      This is driving me crazy!!! I swear this was working fine yesterday, I have no idea what happened... Is there a checkbox I need to deselect? Or am I somehow not dragging and dropping correctly? I have read something about a character style possibly being selected (http://indesignsecrets.com/forum/general-indesign-topics/paragraph-styles-not-working), but which is not the problem here.

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          racecar333 Level 1

          So, I just found a dumb workaround --


          • first, I am creating text frames wherever on the page
          • then, I am dragging and dropping each XML element into its' text frame (tagged incorrectly at this point)
          • and then I select all, and go to "Map Tags to Styles..." in the Structure pane and click on "Map by Name"



          After doing this, everything is appearing on the page correctly as intended.


          ***However, note that the styles were already correctly mapped by name, but doing it again after selecting all works for some crazy reason.***

          ***Also note that this was working fine yesterday, without any changes to any settings, that I can remember anyway.***


          And of course, I am still looking for a solution so that this is automated as intended, so I don't have to do this weird workaround I'm describing here...