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    What has happened to 'Locate Images' in ID CS6?


      Does anyone know what has happened to 'Locate Images' in ID CS6?


      In CS5.5 when re-linking images which were missing InDesign used to highlight the image provided it was available in the folder, presumably to help out when you have folders of images. In InDesign CS6 this seems to have dissappeared and is somewhat annoying.


      Also when editing an image from the contextual menu in ID CS6, and saving from photoshop or Illustrator you save over the last linked file with that name. For example we have a server which our work is stored on, we do not work directly from the server but take off the project we will be working on and do this locally then copy it back to the server overwriting with the latest version. If I, or anyone else, chooses to edit an image from within the ID doc locally once copied over, saving the edit results in the edit application (PS or AI) saving over the version that is on the server and not the local version on the Mac. So when copying over all of your hard work you are infact replacing it with a new ID doc but all the previous images & vectors etc. This makes for some confusion and took a while to work out what exactly was happening. We didn't seem to have that issue in CS5.5. Obviously we are aware of the issue now and remain vigilant, for the most part! But I wondered if anyone else had noticed this issue and how they may have resolved it?


      Thanks for your help in advance.