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    Indesign Export to Multiple Folders?


      Hello All-


      This is my first post and I hope I've found the right place....I've been digging and can't find an answer to my questions.


      I'm wondering if there is anyway, after a datamerge, to export the individual images/records (as jpgs) to specific (multiple) folders?


      I'm working on high volume youth sports (football) photos and want to create Memory Mates (composite image w/ players name, number, etc) in bulk.


      I have a directory structure like this...






      And a properly formated csv that reflects this directory, w/ full files paths for each image....so the data merge works great.  The problem is, once the data merge is complete, I need a way to export each record, as a jpg, back to the directory that the images came from.  So the final directory would look like this...







      good Lord I hope this make sense.


      Any help would be greatly apperiacated!