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    LocalConnection Does Not Connect the 1st Time

      My receiver is instantiated in frame 1 of a Flash movie, along with the receiver methods. Later in the clip, a button press launches a Director compiled movie, which has a Flash cast member that contains the sender. Both Flash movies are compiled in CS3 using Flash 8.

      The first time the sender is launched, the "ready" message is sent, but the receiver does not receive it. Restarting the sender w/o closing and restarting the receiver results in a send error (as established with onSatus) on any subsequent startups of the sender. If the sender and receiver movies are closed and then the receiver is restarted and the sender is launched again, the connection is established.

      This is repeatable and once the connection is established, it is very reliable.

      Both movies are stand-alone and run in the Flash Player on a WinXP system.

      Has anyone else experienced this phenomena and more importantly, does anyone have a real solution? My searches have found a lot of hacks (most that don't work), but nothing I would put my name on.

      Is there a way to get more information about the status of the connection? Specifically, can the receiver be tested (at the receiving end) before launching the sender?

      Code snippets can be provided, but they look a lot like the usual sender/receiver code that is found everywhere.

      Any help or clues is most appreciated.