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    Error with rendering of CSS code


      I may of found an unknown error with ADE. I did a gogole search and didn't see the same error.


      I was having issues with ADE rendering my backround image in a table. It show up find in sigil but not ADE. And my other EPub I create did show up correctly I try everything I new (I'm just learnng CSS).


      I had a thought, what if my file name was to long. But I dismiss that idea. As a last temp effort, I try renaming it to a shorting name and it work. However, it was not the lenth of file name, but that I had parentheses  " () " in my file name. As soon as I took them out it render correctly. My backround image show up as it should.


      Not sure if this is known, but I couldn't find the issue with a google search or searching these forums. I know that some programes rename dupicate files with parentheses.