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    Problem with empty folder showing up in incorrect release folder

    AIR-Chayah Level 1

      Thanks to several forum contributors I've got conditional build expressions working correctly to create five Single Source Layouts. To keep it simple, I'll use letters for the SSLs.


      SSLBuild TagAvailable Tags in Conditional Build Tag Expression
      A (the Core Help)AA
      B (licensed module)BB + A
      C (licensed module)CC + A
      D (licensed module)DD + A
      E (licensed module)EE + A


      As you can see, all the licensed modules can access topics in the Core Help, but cannot access topics in any module that they have not licensed.


      There are no untagged topics in the Help.


      When I generate the Help for the licensed modules, RoboHelp creates an empty folder in each target Release folder that is related to one of those licensed modules. For example, the B, C, D, and E Release folders ALL contain an empty E folder.


      I have gone through the project with a fine-tooth comb, verifying that the tags are correctly applied, checking images and baggage files, etc. But that empty E folder continues to appear.

      Any thoughts about the next step that I might want to take to clean this up?