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    How to roll an edit past the minimum duration point?


      This is a basic rolling edit question, but I haven't been able to find an answer on any of the forums here or on creative cow.


      Let's say I have three clips in my timeline, A, B and C in that order. I want to roll the end of clip A all the way to the beginning of clip C, eliminating clip B entirely. When I try to do this, Premiere attempts to save me from eliminating clip B entirely, by stopping the roll one frame shy of my rolling the end of clip A to clip C, telling me I have reached the minimum duration of clip B. In other words, it's preserving one frame of clip B thinking I can't possibly want to eliminate it.


      I understand that it's a kind of a built-in safety feature to stop me before I accidentally remove a clip in my timeline and that would be fine if once it stops me I can pause for a moment and then do a "second" roll to finish my original goal, but it seems like the rolling tool is firm in its philosophy that it won't completely eliminate a clip in the timeline by rolling over it. It will always leave one frame.


      This may not seem to be a large issue, but other editors (Avid and FCP 7) seem to allow me to roll the way I wish to, although I may have to stop for a moment to confirm I actually want to keep rolling through the end of clip B.


      The two ways to achieve what I'm trying to do in Premiere seem to be, 1) Remove clip B from the timeline before performing the roll from the last frame of A to the first frame of C, or 2) rolling the end of A to that last frame of B where it won't let me roll any further, deleting that last frame of B and then continuing the roll of A to the head of clip C. They both work, but it seems there must be a more elegant way to do this with fewer keystrokes and mousing.


      Any thoughts before I add this to the wish list? Am I missing something fundamental?


      Thank you.