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    Import Image Help!


      Hi! I have recently purchased InDesign and started using it to help me with a project I am working on for the company I work for. I imported a Word file into InDesign and when I did the slides that were in the Word file have disappeared in InDesign. Can anyone help me with this issue? Thanks in advance

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          Joel Cherney Level 5

          Some kinds of embedded images in Word don't get pulled into InDesign when the file is placed. For what it's worth, you are "placing" that doc not "importing" it - there's a difference in ID. Anyhow, I cannot recall whether this failure to correctly bring in all images in a Word doc was a bug or "functioning as designed."


          It doesn't matter; really - relying on embedded images is a less-than-reliable way to handle images in InDesign, especially if you will ever have this document professionally printed. What is better (in almost every kind of workflow) is to place pictures the same way you placed the Word doc. Of course, if the images are embedded in the Word doc, you might wonder how to get them out: if your file is in docx format you can just rename the file extension to .zip, unzip the resultant file, and find every image in the Word doc as a separate file. Then you can place those images in InDesign.

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            Daniel Flavin Level 4

            During the Place for the Word File, toggle Show Import Options.

            Toggle Import Inline Graphics


            but you may be in over your head for this.