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    Is there a way to create a button that works the same as the ImageField?


      I am trying to create a button that acts like the ImageField tool. I want to be able to click on the button and it will direct me to browse for my photo that I want to attach.


      I am using LiveCycle. (I am a nooby and have limited skills when it comes to script)


      The ImageField function is to complex of a function for the use on my IPAD (PDF Expert APP). I can create a photo button using Adobe Form Creater and it works fine with the below script:


      event.target.buttonImportIcon ();


      This is a mouseup Action Event.


      My form that has been created in LiveCycle works perfectly on my IPad, except the photos. If I can simplify the function of the photos to act more like the Adobe Form Creater tool, then perhaps it will all work together.


      Any ideas, or is this just a waste of time? I have created the form over using Adobe Form Creater, but it has some limitations that make it not function as nice as LiveCycle's form.