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    Acrobat 6.0 validation scripts




      I am new to scripting and need a little help with validating scripts.


      I use Acrobat Ver 6.0 to create simple editable pdf's.


      Some of the fields I want to set the validation such that they conform to the following:


      1. Standard text field are set to capitalise
      2. Postcode field to convert all letters to capitals


      On a seperate point, can someone point me in the direction of having an email button?


      When i have tried submit buttons in the past and saved the pdf; when opened again in pdf reader the security settings prevent the document being edited.

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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          One can use the 'toUpperCase" string method to set a string to all capital letters.


          You need to have your form working before applying Extended Reader Rights or setting the form up for distribution. I would reccommend that you keep a copy without Extended Reader Rights or a for for distribution.

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            George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            The custom validate script would look something like:


            // Custom validate script

            event.value = event.value.toUpperCase();



            If you want to captialize as the user enters the text, you can use use the Keystroke event, but the script would be different.


            Note that Acrobat 6 cannot Reader-enable a document so that it can be saved, but it should still be fillable in Reader if it's not. Acrobat 8 was the first version that allow Reader-enabling. If you set up the submit form action so that only the form data is included, as opposed to the entire PDF, it does not need to be Reader-enabled.