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    Vertical Skin for Web Help


      We need a 3rd party consultant to make a vertical skin for us in Web Help. Vertical orientation from top to bottom is a)search b)hits c)selected topic. TIA, Jim Spicer 209-365-9646. I am running rh8. An example of what we are looking for is Inuit Quickbooks.

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          You might do better if you added a screenshot of what you want. People are not going to go off and install Inuit Quickbooks just to help answer your question. You need to show it. When you reply, there is a camera icon that will let you add a screenshot.


          What you are describing sounds a bit like the layout of some mobile device apps. If that is what you are looking for, then you should look at RoboHelp 10. There are various supplied layouts that have that layout. The screenshot below uses the iPhone layout but with the Desktop profile. That way you get Desktop help (WebHelp by another name) with the appearance it sounds like you want.


          Alternatively, AIR Help has such a layout and there is a browser based version. Currently though that is not working from RoboHelp 10 using Firefox 13. It is not quite the same as WebHelp so you need to test that it would meet your requirements.


          Given that the RoboHelp 10 layouts I referred to are HTML5, that is what I would look at.




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