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    Indesign CS6 very slow with vectors. please Help!

    al3nai_ Level 1

      We updated to CS6 from CS5.5 to a Mac Pro running OS 10.6. Processors are 2 x 2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon. Ram is 10 GB 800 MHz DDR2. Video card is ATI Radeon HD 2600 256 MB. One Cinema Display and a smaller Samsung monitor.


      The performance of InDesign when handling groups of vector files created inside InDesign is horrible. For example, I took a little 3 x 3px square and created a grid of 60 squares approx. When I select all of them (pure vectors) and try to move them it takes InDesign 10 seconds to respond to the selection first, and then 10 more seconds to move them.


      Another example, I created a very simple graph, pure vector of course, with a moderate number of text and lines and when I select the whole thing the lag comes again, takes a lot to mark the selection and then is very hard to move it.


      We have tweaked InDesign preferences (Interface, File Handling) as much as we could but the issue remains. We didn't have any problems with 5.5.


      Help please!