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      Hi all,


      Can anyone give me an idea about how to allow the smartimage widget to be able to use exernal images? (Instead of uploading the image or selecting one from the DAM)



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          Sham HC Level 7

          Hi Rudy,


             If it is cq 5.5 please use html5smartimage as the smartimage deprecated in favor of the html5smartimage.  For a sample look at  /libs/foundation/components/mobiletextimage/dialog/items/tab2




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            rudy.carranza Level 1

            Hi Sham,


            I know that smartimage is deprecated, I just mentioned this as an example since what I need are the capabilities of crop, map, zoom but, with an image that is already hosted on another location (not my cq instance DAM and can't be uploaded).



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              Jayatl Level 1



              I'm not following your response.  Using 5.5 and viewing tab2 two of you component, I don't see any setting that would allow one to use an external image instead of one from the DAM/local component.


              Let me ask another way, how do we add an image to a page in CQ that is hosted on another site?