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    Make the layers UI consistent with other CS apps


      This isn't just an Illustrator problem.  It is a problem among many CS apps, with no two of them having the same way to do the same thing to layers.


      But I'll give some specific examples:

      • In Photoshop and InDesign, the user can right-click and select "Duplicate layer".  But in Illustrator, right-clicking does nothing at all.
      • Double-clicking on the text label in Illustrator layer gives the option to rename the layer.  It does that in Photoshop, too.  But doing that in InDesign brings up the layer options.
      • Double-clicking on a layer, but not on the text label, in Illustrator brings up layer options.  It does that in InDesign, too.  But doing that in Photoshop brings up layer style.
      • For the examples above that bring up layer options or layer style, those UI's are different in each of them.


      I don't care which way Adobe chooses.  But please, pick ONE WAY for ALL the CS apps to work.  A CS user should be able to learn one CS app, learn something like "I can duplicate a layer by right-clicking and selecting "Duplicate layer", and then be able to do that in every CS app.  That would make it a real suite, and not merely a collection of different applications that can be bought at once.