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    CS4 Indesign Font/Document Help??


      With InDesign CS4, how does one change the Font & size of same for a whole Document at one time??

      I'm working on a stamp catalogue & I've just realized that the font used in all  the documents are not uniform all the way thru.  How do I change the Font style & size (picas) on all these seperate documents to be the same from start to finish??

      There has to be a simpler way to do so without having to do so on each page & each document, all the way thru...???

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          It's called styles. You define a paragraph style for each type of text you need in your document, and you apply it.


          Lots of new users (and I suspect you may be one of them) never use anything but the default [Basic Paragraph] style, then select text and reformat. This is called a local override. Overrides can be cleared, but if you've added things like bold or italic, those will be lost with a simple override clearing, so you want to set up character styles for those sorts of things as well and apply them before removing the overrides.


          Since this kind of problem is very common when working with authors, a number of people have written scripts to clean up text. One of the best is Jongware's Preptext script (see http://forums.adobe.com/thread/429756). Try it on a copy of one of your files.


          Once you've got styles set up in your files, you can synchronize them to a single defintion of each style name by adding all of the files to a Book (.indb) and using the synchronize function (unless they all belong together as a book, though, don't synch numbering, swatches or master pages).