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    Export to IDML - table error




      we're having problems with the export to IDML atm. When we export an Indesign file to IDML, the stroke weight differs on some parts of some tables.


      This is an image of the original INDD file:


      where I've highlighted the stroked table line which is 2pt.

      When we export to IDML, we get the following:



      Here, the stroke weight for the 7 last columns of the first table are different. We can put them to 2 pt manually, and that will make them look the same as the original.

      We can't find any styles or other reason in the original INDD file why the IDML would have this issue.



      I've tried this in both CS5.5 and CS6, both with the exact same result.

      Does anyone have any idea what could cause this? The document is several 100 pages, and manually checking the tables for this is a lot of work.


      Please note we need the IDML file as we're a translating company, and we can not translate INDD without first creating the IDML file for our translation software.


      Kind regards,


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          Pickory Level 3



          This is a bit worrying for all those who have to go the IDML route to retrieve a document opened in a newer version of ID in error.


          Sorry I can't really help with an explaination of what might be going wrong.


          I am intrugued to know why you are using IDML to get the text, is it for translation?




          Edited to say.


          Oops, sorry, you do say you are a translation co.


          Still, there must be a better to get at the text.


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            vereeckG Level 1



            Most big translation softwares (SDL Studio, Atril DVX, Wordfast etc) work from the IDML format. It allows not only to translate the text, but to preserve the layout and make-up of the documents. We can export the flat text from an INDD, but then you'd have to get the translations back into the original in the correct places. For languages we don't speak...


            We don't even use the IDML for backwards compatibility, we create and reopen it in the same version, yet the table strokes dissapear in between.

            Hopefully someone will find a solution/cause for the table strokes inconsistencies.