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    Rookie (?) Question regarding setting up a CS5.5 video for a specific spec


      Hey creative peeps!


      I've been given a specific format in which to set up a video. I'm not entirely new to changing formats to videos, but this ones pretty important so i need to get the setup right. would someone be kind enough to talk me through setting up for the following specs? I can *kind of* remember that some of this wount be applied until i go to export the video, but i can never be too careful on this!


      Here's a list of the specs that I've been given, which i'll write out in exactly how they've written it. Thank you so much if you choose to spend the time to talk me through this. It will be very much appreciated!


      The finished video must be compressed to mpeg4 or quicktime (.mov)in H.264 codec with the following settings - Frame rate : 25p; aspect ratio: 1024 x 576 (SD); bitrates up to: 2000 Kbps.


      Any help on my initial setup so i can open a new premiere file and edit the footage i have to the correct spec would be much appreciated!


      Thank you in advance.