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    Corrupt Display in PP CS6 During Hover Scrub

    thisisJules75 Level 1

      I'm running Premiere Pro CS6 on a Win 7 x64 machine with 12GB RAM with an ATI HD 4800 graphics card.  When I use hover scrub in the project window the video image goes inverted black and white and upside down!  This often leads to the same problem with the display in the program window.  Exiting and restarting does the same thing.  If I don't use hover scrub I have no problems with the video display and can produce projects without problems.


      This also happened with Encore and a photo slideshow but the results were more colourful!


      Graphics card drivers are up to date, as are OS patches and Creative Suite patches.


      Any ideas?  I'm not using any specialised video hardware


      Premier Problem (above)



      (Encore problem above)

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          Which exact driver version are you using?


          How was it obtained?

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            thisisJules75 Level 1

            8.970.100.3000 direct from ATI (yesterday infact - I thought I'd update the driver to see if it solved the problem).

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              Same thing happened to me with a Radeon 7970m but after rebooting it fixed itself. Will let you know if error comes back.

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                Paul van Dinther Level 1

                Yes, I have the same problem. Radeon HD 7950 with the latest drivers on windows 7 all service packs applied. The problem is frequent enough to be totally unproductive but sometimes Premiere keeps running for quite a while.


                In my case my system blue screens and I need to boot up and start again. The problem seems to occur due to what is going on in the media library. Scrub never works unless the windows are large enough.



                In the above image media is imported but none of it is touched. All looks well.


                As soon as I move my mouse over the video the scrubbing starts but it renders weird.



                The top right tile is being scrubbed. You can see how the video consists of various tiles that are scrambled. This does not happen when the video window is big enough. In this case the video contains color but sometimes it does not. Crashes happen in both cases very frequently 1 or 2 times per hour and sometimes continuously. I suspect it is a driver issue with ATI. It be the first and last ATI card I ever buy but I am stuck with it. It be nice if I could actually use the software though.



                The above example shows scrubbing when the thumbnail is big enough. The Black and White / upside down effect occured with these same files in the same project about 1 hour ago.




                In the very same screen shown above the PC blue screened as soon as my mouse moved over the bit you can see of the bottom right thumbnail. Sigh.

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                  Paul van Dinther Level 1

                  Workaround solution


                  In my case it turns out that the hover scrub is causing the crashes and driver crashes leading to the blue screen of death in windows 7. I changed the view in the project window from icon to list view and I have not had any problems since. I hope this might help someone else safe a few hours and lots of stress.

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                    thisisJules75 Level 1

                    Seems you are having a similar problem to me, except that I don't get BSOD.  A simple restart of the applicataion resolves the issue.


                    I have ditched hover scrub for now so workflow is unaffected.


                    Just not sure where the problem lies.  Will wait for the next Adobe update to come through to see if that solves the problem.  I might log a support call with Adobe in the mean time.

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                      Paul van Dinther Level 1

                      BSOD only happens when I run multiple monitors. On a single monitor the application crashes but the graphics driver recovers. I still have to clean out the PP process in the task manager though. Anyway, I don't need the hover scrub for what I am doing so I will survice. I am already happy I can do some work now.

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                        Jeff Bellune Level 5

                        Just out of curiosity, is it only ATI cards involved in this issue?  If so, what are your graphics driver's 3D settings?  If they're not set to something like, "Let the 3D application decide", try engaging that setting.


                        NB: I'm an nVidia guy.  Regardless, some 3D settings in the driver (both ATI and nVidia) have caused problems with Premiere Pro before.  I'm just taking a wild guess at a solution in case this problem is also a result of driver settings, as opposed to the driver itself.



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                          thisisJules75 Level 1

                          I only have ATI cards, so personally can't say if this impacts nVidia.  However, good shout on the graphics card settings.  Will do some testing later.

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                            Paul van Dinther Level 1

                            Good point. I checked in my Catalyst Control Center for my Radeon 7950 card. Indeed Video settings had the following turned on:


                            - Use Automatic deinterlacing

                            - Enforce Smooth Video Playback


                            In the 3D settings antialiasing was set to override application settings.


                            I turned off of them off.


                            The hover scrub still messes up the video images when I move my mouse over it (See my previous post, second image top right icon) but no crash yet.


                            In another thread I received the tip that I can turn off hover scrub in the flyout menu. for now I leave it on of course. I keep you posted.

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                              I have had the same problem and can find very little info online about this. (Pretty much this thread)


                              Sometimes un-rendered areas will be like the second photo from the first poster. (However once they are rendered they return to normal) All inverted looking. Other times the whole Program Monitor is black and white and upside down from the get go. I have to restart to fix these things but no BSOD. The only  crashes I seem to see are when I normally close the program, I get a crash report... which is also odd. I am using a dual monitor set up. I have two ATI Radeon video cards (4250 and 4550).

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                                Anybody have a solution to this issue?


                                My main playback window looks the same way when I add a transition or effect to a clip. Everything renders out normally but it's really hard to work on a project this way. Hover scrub works as it should, for me. I'm sure this is related to the issue in the thread.

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                                  Thiago.S.Cardoso Level 1

                                  3 things came in mind when i see this.


                                  1-(the Good) Basic driver problems(Old version test or try a new one)

                                  2- (the ugly) Codec conflict, i got something like it on a Codec from another player.

                                  3 - (the Bad) Memory of the card is with problems. Cause random stuff and BSOD.

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                                    I'm not sure this will help anybody but I was having the same problems as the OP - inverted and b+w video previews in the source window and bins.


                                    There isn't a whole lot of info out there about this that I could find, however what worked for me after reading this was:


                                    Open up Catalyst Control Center - Go to Start > Video > Quality > and basically turn off the options for video enhancement, de-noise, enforce smooth video playback etc. I turned all these off and i'm currently not having the problems that I was before.


                                    I recently installed another 4Gb's of Ram and a new graphics card - Radeon HD with 2Gb's DDR2, I'm on Windows 8 fwiw, and found I started having these preview issues after previously using an Nvidia card where I had none. 

                                    Hope this helps.

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                                      Country Mac

                                      Having the same problem here. Has Adobe responded to anyone?

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                                        I had this problem too...and the way i solved it :

                                        1 - update the VGA driver ( your driver must support openCL )
                                        2 - new project ---> renderer : mercury playback Engine GPU Acceleration (openCL)
                                        Good Luck.

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                                          I just had this happen twice in a row, here's how I fixed it (what I think caused it below **). The first time I reverted to an earlier save of the project (wasn't an autosave but that might work too) the second time I would have lost some work so I replaced the media out of the project folder. I'm working with one long clip & one short one so this may not be feasible for a project with lots of edits. The short clip was unaffected though so if it's specific to just part of the timeline give this a whirl:


                                          -Right click the clip,

                                          - select "reveal in project"

                                          - drop same clip in to the timeline on a new track above the distorted clip.

                                          -delete the audio on the new clip

                                          It dropped in with a nearly mirrored trim for me, but not quite so I had to sync it instead of just line the clips up at their beginning. To sync:


                                          -go to any distinctive portion of the older, synced clip where there is motion and drop a marker

                                          -find the close to the same spot on the new clip and pause there, grab the clip at the play head and drag it to the marker

                                          -turn the new clip on and off to see if it's the same frame, adjust as necessary



                                          Then copy any effects one the clip one at a time and paste them onto the new clip (there may be a faster way?)
                                          Be sure to copy and paste the effects top to bottom so they end up in the same order.



                                          **I was cutting the beginning off the long clip I'm working with and putting it at the end. I cut the portion out, pasted it in at the end, and it was fine still (first time even did some other edits for a minute) but when I slid the clip I'd pasted onto the end over and it touched the rest of the sequence the distortion started up. I'm nearly certain that was the trigger.


                                          It's worth mentioning that while I was looking up a solution before winging it someone said they rendered and the distortion rendered too. So without finding out if that's true fix it before you render if it's not a short render time project (I'm using Denoiser II on this so it takes forever and that would have sucked).