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    Unable to Validate Configuration of a PHP Project

    Bill Sawyer
      I am attempting to create a PHP project.

      1) I set my webroot to D:\<path to my working directory>
      2) I set the Root URL to: http://www.astd-cf.org (which is my webserver I am using)

      When I click the Validate Configuration button, I get the message:

      Cannot access the web server. The server may not be running, or the web root folder or root URL may be invalid.

      I tried setting the Web root to / or ./ (because the server is a Linux Apache server). That didn't work either. I can by-pass the issue by clicking the Next or Finish button, and simply ignoring the Validate Configuration, but I don't think that is your intent.

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          mac_martine Level 1
          It sounds like you're using a web server on another machine in which case if you say you're web root is in "D:\", it's going to be looking on the machine you're currently working on.
          Depending on the setup you could try mapping a drive to the web root location and point to it as your webroot so that Flex Builder can see the directory and have write access to it, etc, or use \\<machine-name>\web-root pointing to an accessible share.
          Think of it as the output folder & web root. So if you're developing directly to a remote server you'll have to make sure that output directory is accessible in one way or another for writing.
          Hope that helps.
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            Bill Sawyer Level 1

            I wish I could say it helps, but it doesn't.

            1) The server is a 3rd-party webhost. It does not reside on my network or under my control.
            2) So, I put in the \\<ip-address>\ name, this doesn't work either.
            3) Mapping to the machine isn't allowed. I have SSH and FTP access, but that is it. Also, the server is Linux-based. I'm fairly certain that unless they specifically allow Samba connections, it will never work.

            Is this a limitation of Flex (Flex 3)? I have to have network access to the machine? If so, this is a very confusing process.

            Please advise.

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              SujitG Level 2
              You can try creating the services-config.xml files on your local system and include that in the compiler arguments like this: -services "configurationfiles/services-config.xml". Create a normal Flex project by setting the server type to None. After the project is created, go the Project->properties->Flex compiler and add the above mentioned arguments to you compiler arguments. Please make sure the end-point URLs in you services-config.xml file are poiting the proper URls.
              Hope this helps.
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                Daniel Pride Level 1
                Would it work if I develop on my Mac using a local version of MAMP and then copied the files up to my shared hosting solution???
                I am in the same situation as the other poster, using a shared service that gives me SSH and FTP and thats it.

                Could you also clarify your last comments on configuration files ?
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                  I use portable apps and xampp with php as my local web server you might try it very easy. http://www.portableapps.com