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    what the heck, can't hurt to ask

      Apparently it is okay that Flex 3.0 beta has a huge gap when using the 'disableddays' mxml function to eliminate the charting of blank days like weekends in a chart. So for every chart there is about 30% emptyspace when your horizontal axis are dates...

      I have been able to scale the series data to stretch the full width and cover the gap, but i can't figure out how to scale the


      to get the labels on the horizontal axis and units to scale the full width along with the data series HOLC etc.

      The data series has a scalex value that will stretch the data, but the labels and units are not scaled.

      Any help is appreciated, if it calls for a bunch of fancy AS3, please give me some hints (that look very much like code).

      confused and baffled...