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    AS 3 Loader Not Working With ByteArrays

    Pete Mackie Level 1
      I'm going to ask my same support question in a different way to see if I can wrangle some support.

      I have a photo image as an AS 3 ByteArray, remotely loaded via an AMF 3 serialized remote object.

      When I call AS 3 Loader.LoadBytes() with this ByteArray the Loader 'contentLoaderInfo' shows that the photo AS 3 ByteArray indeed is loaded. But the photo never shows up in Loader.content. The Loader.content parameter remains set to null.

      The same code will load a local photo file, without a problem (using Loader's Load instead of LoadBytes).

      This might be an AS 3 LoaderContext issue, which I may have incorrectly set. resently the LoaderContext is set to ApplicationDomain.currentDomain

      Amy ideas on why loaded ByteArray does not show up in Loader.content?

      Go Pats!