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    Print Booklet Missing Pages

    Noah L.

      Hey all! Some InDesign troubles here. I'm using CS5.


      I have a business plan all ready to roll in InDesign; 40 pages, master pages, the works. I go to 'print booklet' so I can whisk it off to Staples to be printed coheriently, go through the dialogue boxes and everything looks good. I can see the 20 spreads, and I save it as the post script file.


      Onto Acrobat Pro! I open the ps file in Pro, and it automatically converts it to a PDF as it should. But, there are only 20 pages, not 20 spreads. Half of my document is missing. Maybe I overlooked something when I was saving the ps booklet, or maybe I'm missing some display setting in Pro, but I can't figure it out!


      Thanks for the help!