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    How to use an ActiveMQ broker plugin

    Wraithtech Level 1

      Sorry in advance if this is a stupid question but I've just inherited this project and have never used BlazeDS or ActiveMQ before. I've got a collection of various programs that are communicating through BlazeDS and ActiveMQ and I've been tasked with recording all the messages being passed between them for later analysis. It appears from this link that I could just develop a BrokerPlugin that could take care of this pretty easily. However I don't know how to add this BrokerPlugin to the system. There doesn't any appear to be any configuration data for ActiveMQ in the current system. I believe it was built on the BlazeDS turnkey server with ActiveMQ added to handle the JMS integration.


      Also, I had originally just created a small app that subscribes to all the topics and saves the messages out to an xml file. That part worked for most of the messages but some of the message destinations are defined as queues though so they can't have more than one subscriber. I wasn't sure how to go about getting these messages without using a BrokerPlugin.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.