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    Adobe Acrobat fails to redraw when resizing the window


      Hello Acrobat users


      whenever I resize the window of acrobat, it fails to redraw the content and keep showing the document in the same "screen-pixels-position",


      if i make it bigger, the "gained" part of the window display the grey background and the vertical/horizontal bars do not move to the border of the screen


      if I make it smaller, the vertical/horizontal bars got lost and part of the document is not showed



      The only way to walk around this issue I have found so far, is to go full screen (Ctrl + L) and return, then the window came correctly displayed. At least up to the next time i resize the window


      I search for similars, and the only thingI found is :

      http://www.displayfusion.com/Discussions/View/adobe-acrobat-8-window-redrawing/?ID=6df6bac e-6ab6-4ab6-a065-22e339eaddbb

      but this refers to the case of using DisplayFusion (a multiple screen management thing) wich I do not have installed.


      Therefore, what be provoquing this missbehiviour ?

      Nevetheless I use only the laptop screen, or I have an external monitor conected. It fails the same



      PC is a Lenovo W500 with standar drivers and windows 7

      Only things I have installed that "could" conflict are Rainmetter and the soft for the Bamboo tablet. Otherwise, tipical software.