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    How to control Xtras loader...


      When we development some Multimedia CD-Rom, ever write in any CD-ROM, DVD or other.

      When this CD-Rom is loaded for any computer (the cd have fast preload movie, etc) need to load ALL the Xtras used from dir Xtras to temporal dir in the computer.

      In some case, like Impressario Xtra that use Libraries and X32 xtra need aproximatly 10 Mb that use a lot of time to load.

      Sometimes, use this xtra in any part of CD, but not in the start time.

      The best way is to load when the user see the menu screen in background or another time.

      The question is. Exist any way to load the xtras when interesting and NOT ever when start the main movie.

      Whe developt ever with a first minimal movie without Xtras and next load the main movie to fast load.

      ANY Sugestion by somebody or ADOBE !

      Regards, Oscar.

      Cuando se crea un cdrom, siempre carga por defecto todos los Xtras del directorio Xtra de tu cdrom y los copia a un directorio temporal del PC. Si la lectura se realiza a través de un CD-Rom ya grabado, la velocidad es muy lenta y por lo tanto, la carga de los Xtras es extremadamente lenta.

      Alguien sabe si hay alguna forma de controlar dicha carga, de tal manera que cuando el usuario por ejemplo, se ponga a leer un menú de la pantalla principal. Es decir, no esté haciendo nada, se puedan cargar ciertos Xtras como pueda ser el de Impressario que ocupa 10Mb, de tal manera que no tenga que cargarlos al principio.

      Gracias, Oscar.
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          The way it works, according to me: when you start a projector, it loads all the xtras that are in the xtras folder, regardless of whether you need them right away or not.

          Normally, I would advice to use a stub movie that has just your menu so it would start up as fast as possible. From that menu you would start protected movies, but you cannot, as far as I know, include xtras in a protected (dxr) movie. So you would still need to include these xtras in the xtras folder, which would again cause your stub projector to slow down in loading.

          The only way I see to solve this, is to use actual projectors (exe) that have the xtras included in them. Whether that's a great solution depends on the situation I guess, in this case, it may be warranted though. The Buddy xtra can do this, FileIO too I think. In order not to confuse the user, I would recommend using a splash image for each exe file, so the user will know something is happening. You then have to decide whether to close the menu upon launch of the selected item, and have the new exe re-open it upon close, or have it stay open. If you choose to have it staying open, you could have the new program send a local message to the menu when it opens and/or closes, so the menu could display an appropriate message or put itself in the background or foreground.

          Hope this helps!
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            "The only way I see to solve this, is to use actual projectors (exe)
            that have the xtras included in them."

            My understanding (which could certainly be wrong) is that this increases
            the load time because the xtras have to be unpacked and then read in.
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              true, but his main gripe was that his program didn't start up fast enough when the cd is initially inserted (or the main menu exe double clicked, whichever)
              If the separate programs don't need like 5 huge xtras for them to work, the loading times could be kept acceptable.

              Just make sure you don't leave any unneeded xtras in your xtras map! (or included in your projector)
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                You can't avaoid loading all xtras at startup. However, you can pare
                back all the xtras used to the bare minimum and this will help load
                time. Use a fast-start, stub projector. Use a splash-screen bitmap while
                loading. For Impressario (a known resource/load-time hog) there are
                specific strategies - check INM's site for details.