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    Presenter 8 and the Russian Language


      I am doing translations from English to FR, JP, KO, RU, CH, ES, and DE



      I understand that given the users OS Language the correct skin translation will appear.


      My issue is as follows..

      I can view every skin in each language ... except Russian.

      In the XML it has the Russian translations however, they are not activated when called upon.


      How does one go about to get Russian language seen?



      Thanks for your assistance.



      From Adobe Help:

      It is important to note that the presentation will detect the language of a user’s operating system and automatically display the text labels in the user’s natIive language if their computer’s language is set to German, French, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Simplified Chinese, or Dutch. Otherwise, English text labels appear.

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          mkalyanp Level 2



          We tried the following:

          1. Published a presentation in English OS and moved the presentation to an Russian OS system

          2. Published a presentation in Russian OS


          In both the cases we saw that the text is picked for Russian language properly.


          Can you please provide the following info:

          1. Are you publishing on a system with english OS and then the language is changed to Russian?

          2. Can you please provide the steps that you did to face this issue?


          Your reply will help us to solve the problem easily


          Thank you


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