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    Security Settings in Robohelp 9 PDF files

    namedujour Level 1

      I think this is a Robohelp problem because it only happens when I launch a PDF from  a Robohelp-generated site. It does NOT happen in Adobe Acrobat. It may be a conflict with Windows 7 - we just loaded it yesterday - because before that everything worked.


      We created a PDF file with interactive fields, and NO security settings. The file has signature fields that populate with your digital ID when you click the red tag. It works just fine in Acrobat - you can type data into the fields, and the digital ID dialog launches when you click the red tag. If you click OK, the field displays your digital signature.


      However, when I launch the file from online help I created with Robohelp 9, I get an error message stating that the security settings on the document don't allow adding text or placing a signature on it. I double checked, and there is NO security. See the attached images. Is this a bug? Should I report it?




      No security.jpg