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    How do i do this?


      I am trying to make a game (slide) as part of an interactive whiteboard.

      This is what needs to happen....

      1: cartoon fish is on screen with the occasional bubble coming out of its mouth.

      2: I have a list of about 15 words that i need to appear on the fish's body at random.

      3: The words need to appear when the fish is clicked.

      So eg: blank fish appears, click fish and word appears, click fish again and another word is selected at random from my list of words and appears on the fish.

      My questions is how do i do this? Im not expecting anyone to write a whole load of code for me (altho that would be nice lol) but a link to a tutorial or at least what the subject area i should research is called would be great...I can do part 1 now, but parts 2+3 are beyond me so if someone can point me in the right direction that would be great.

      thanks very much.