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    Muse, BC, e-commerce, inContext editing, subscriptions and UI v3

    viciruthless Level 1

      I created a site in Muse and planned to add e-commerce related modules in BC. Got the Muse site published to BC. Even managed to get get the domain name attached properly. Spent 3-ish hours digging through help topics and doing various web searches trying to figure out why couldn't do anything useful (my only option was "Manage Site" - I assumed, having watched a number of tutorials, that all the user friendly stuff I was after was being hidden for some unknown reason). Eventually stumbled across the answer - new interface. Turns out the "answer" wasn't at all helpful at all and I was stuck with these new incredibly non-user friendly controls (when compared to the old interface)... So now what?


      I see the modules list, I see where I can add a catalog, but I can't find where I can set up the catalog to begin with. Obviously I can't add anything I haven't set up properly. It's worth noting that I currently have a free account. I think this came with my Muse subscription, but I also had a free thing going with BC before I downloaded Muse, so I have no real idea what my account status would be now. Anyway, I need to know the following:


      1) Can I even create an e-commerce website using the Muse website I've created without paying? (Yes, I know you can set up a trial one through BC using the pre-built templtes. No, I'm not interested in doing that - I want to use the Muse layouts I've created)


      2) If I must pay - where do I go to do so?


      3) Regardless of payment issues, how in the world do I set up a catalog for my products?


      4) Is it possible to set up modules using the inContext editor?


      And most importantly...


      4) Whose name do I curse for changing the interface and making this whole process needlessly difficult & frustrating?