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    Premiere CS5 to CS6 upgrade~ Crashed multicam-  HELP!!

    Boumr2280 Level 1

      I have used PPro CS5 for a while with no problems.  Recently bought Production Premium CS6.

      It has the upgrade to Premiere CS6.


      I did not uninstall CS5.

      I kept CS5 because I have a project to finish in CS5.  I tried to open the old project in CS6, but there are some filters, etc missing.

      I need to finish the old project in CS5 and then I can uninstall it.


      Now Multicam won't work in CS5 OR CS6 and I'm stuck not being able to finish my project!!


      Can I not have them both installed at once, because the multicam interface is different in CS5 and CS6? Are they conflicting??


      Is there a way to uninstall CS6 until I finish my CS5 project?


      Thank you!!