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    How to enable the "PDF Settings...." button?


      I am evaluating Robohelp 10, running on a PC with 64-bit Windows 7.  In the "Printed Document General" window's "Output Format" window, the "Generate Adobe PDF" box is checked, but the "PDF Settings...." button is disabled. What actions are required to enable the "PDF Setings..." button?


      I have Acrobat 9 and a PDF printer, both of which function correctly.

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          If when you installed Rh10 you had selected the PDF Add-on, you likely would not have Acrobat 9 still installed. See Using RoboHelp 10 on my site.


          The fact that you say Acrobat 9 is functioning correctly suggests that you did not select the add-on. I suspect that is why the settings option is not enabled.


          That does not stop you generating a PDF. First, it may work without changing any settings. If not, generate to Word and then generate to PDF from there. That is what RoboHelp is doing behind the scenes.


          Typically and document generated from any HTML program needs some cleaning up in Word first, if only to tidy up page breaks.


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