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    question about scrollpane

      is it possible to control the main root flash file from a extrnal swf in a scrollpane?
      i dont think _root in the swf contained in the scrollpane would work.

      Since i am making a flash os, i have a system preferences window that controls the OS preferences right? so i have a external swf for system preferences, loaded into a scrollpane in the main swf. and then from the swf within the scrollpane, i click on a picture and changes the main swf background picture.

      How would i do that. i would appreciate it if no one said i needed a flash wrapper

      read the post right below this
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          gwklam Level 1
          nevermind. _root does work

          but im still trying to find out how i can emulate the windows/ mac update window. wouldn't it be sooo annoying if the user aways had to click save for every file? expecially what drove me nuts was that i couldn't write to a local file, so now the user can't make a backup without having contact with the internet.