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    CS4 After Effects / Illustrator Scaling Fonts Problem


      I created an Adobe Illlustrator file consisting of three layers of text at three font sizes, 1296, 72, and 6 points on a WIndows Vista machine with CS4 (all updates) using the Impact font with no mods.  Then I used it in After Effects to create an 1280/720 pixel annimation that scales in from the largest font to the smallest.  I have Antialiasing set to More Accurate in Interpret Footage and PAR is not set in the Timeline.  As you can see from the example, it renders well to a point, then it begins to pixelate. I have reproduced the problem in several other scenarios.


      However, when I create the same annimation in After Effects, using the same Impact font, I get smooth fonts from small to large, see below.  Obviously, I am doing something wrong, wither when I import the ai file into AE (I have tried importing it as Footage and as Vector Art), or I am creating the .ai incorrectly (just using defaults).


      I apprecriate your help!