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    Lightroom to Camera Raw

    GeeBee1111111 Level 1

      I cannot open raw files from Lightroom in Camera Raw when I choose "edit with photoshop" from the LIghtroom menu. They simply open in photoshop itself and not Camera Raw. I am using Photoshop CS6 (latest upgrade) and LIghtroom 4 (Latest upgrade) on a Mac. Any help appreciated

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          acresofgreen Level 4

          Lightroom uses the same exact RAW editing technology as Camera Raw, so there is no need to open the photos in Camera Raw. 

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            AnnShelbourne Level 2

            If you prefer the ACR interface over Lightroom (as I do), simply open the file directly from Bridge into ACR and don't bother with Lr at all.

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              Noel Carboni Level 8

              CameraAnn, I've heard many reports about LightRoom being slow by comparison to Camera Raw...  Since you say you've used both, do you find there to be a significant difference in control response between the two?



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                AnnShelbourne Level 2

                I am probably not the best person to ask because I loathe everything about Lr with a passion!


                I did buy the first version of Lr and have rigourously tested every version since in a serious attempt to find some value in it — and have failed to find a single attribute in Lr which cannot be done more efficiently and far better and faster by other means.


                Personally, I find that Lr's vaunted file-management and keywording is done more quickly, easily and efficiently in Bridge — especially now that Bridge CS6 is 64-bit.


                If you know how to use Photoshop and ACR, you already have all the tools that you need — and far more powerful and efficient ones than anything that LR can provide.


                To my mind, Lr has only one purpose: it provides  a low-cost  easy-to-learn "Photoshop-Light for Photographers" who don't have the time, or perhaps the capacity, to learn to use the full capabilities of Phtoshop itself.

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                  Noel Carboni Level 8

                  Thanks for your opinions (and I happen to agree that I don't need nor want more than Camera Raw myself), though I was just asking whether on the same machine, in your experience, the actual operation of LR4 was significantly slower than ACR7 to do similar things.


                  Several friends of mine have multi-second response delays after they move LR sliders and before seeing results in the preview.  By contrast, I see essentially real-time updates when I move Camera Raw sliders.  Our computers aren't that different in performance.



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                    AnnShelbourne Level 2

                    I certainly found Lr reacted more slowly, and with noticeable lag between the movement of a slider and screen-redrawing, than Bridge CS6 hosted ACR 7.1 does.


                    I no longer have access to Lr 4.1 (I only had the 30-day trial version and will not be purchasing it) so I can't run further tests.

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                      acresofgreen Level 4

                      The lagging slider phenomenon in LR4 seems to be a real problem with some users, but luckily I haven't experienced it with my low-end Win7 64 bit system.  I have a different view of LR and Bridge and vastly prefer Lightroom, which is much faster than Bridge on my system. 

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                        AnnShelbourne Level 2

                        The important thing when using Bridge CS6 is to allot it enough space for its Cache.

                        You do this in its Prefs.; and I set my slider to cache the full 500,000 items.


                        If you have the HD space (and it is worth investing in HD space) set Bridge's Prefs/Advanced/ to use "Full-size Monitor Previews".


                        This makes ACR very quick to use and to open multiple files for Batch processing: I often open and work on more than a hundred images simultaneously in ACR 7.1.


                        I guess that those that find Bridge to be slow are either not using these settings; or may be still using a version older than CS6.

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                          acresofgreen Level 4

                          Thanks for the tip on using Bridge, which I'm sure will help a lot of people. 


                          I still prefer LR because I love the whole database concept and the fact that I can keyword, move and backup my files to external medium in one step when importing them. There are lots of other features in Lightroom that I use constantly (such as creating virtual copies of images, browsing offline files, fantastic print module, etc).  Since I haven't used Bridge for years except for occasional browsing of images not imported into Lightroom, I may have overlooked these features being added to Bridge if they have been.

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                            Noel Carboni Level 8

                            What worries me, generally speaking, with such an approach is the potential corruption/loss of the database.


                            Files on a disk I can manage myself, a hundred different ways.


                            Yes, this is a small amount of fear of the unknown.  In any case I'm happy we have alternatives.  I hope Adobe never forgets that there are folks who really don't want to do things the "Lightroom way".



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                              acresofgreen Level 4

                              Noel Carboni wrote:


                              What worries me, generally speaking, with such an approach is the potential corruption/loss of the database.


                              I don't consider this an issue at all because Lightroom makes it easy to ensure the integrity of the database. Whenever you close Lightroom, you are automatically asked  to check the integrity of the catalog (the database) and create a backup. The only caveat I see is that you need to back up to a separate drive, just as you shouldn't back up your photos to the same drive the originals are on.

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                                GeeBee1111111 Level 1

                                Thanks for your replies. Mostly you have highlighted my problem. I have just switched to Photoshop and LR. Previously I was using Aperture 3. I do prefer the Camera Raw operation over the LR editing as it seems both quicker on my Mac and I find the interface easier to use.


                                I am hoping to use LR for its database and tracking. Ido backup to a seperate HD from the one I use for LR itself. The attaraction for me in opening a RAW file in Camera Raw before going to Ps6 is that sometimes I don't need to do the latter - but either way LR promises to keep track of editing and changes much the same as Aperture did.


                                Not sure if this is totally logical but I had hoped that the connection between LR and Camera Raw/Photoshop would be a direct and simple one. In fact I thought I read somewhere that choosing a raw file in LR and then "edit in Photoshop" should automatically open the file in Camera Raw and then progress on to Photoshop as its next step.  Perhaps I am expecting too much?  I am new to the forum and Ps6/LR but keen to learn.


                                Thanks everyone for your help  Cheers

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                                  acresofgreen Level 4

                                  Regarding usability:  in LR 4 it is advisable to use the Develop module in Solo mode.  That mode expands only the section (Basic, Tone curve, Split Toning, etc.)  that has the current focus, and collapses the rest.  This makes it much easier to nagivate the different develop settings, but is off by default I think.


                                  As you have already determined, LR by default doesn't open Raw files in Camera Raw, and I don't know how that would work.   If you make changes to your RAW file in LR, these are recorded in the LR catalog and won't be visible in Camera Raw.  The opposite it true, too.  


                                  I suggest that you ask your question in the Lightroom forum where the most knowledgeable LR experts hang out.  Maybe there is some way to do what you want . http://forums.adobe.com/community/lightroom?view=discussions

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                                    GeeBee1111111 Level 1

                                    Thanks acresofgreen, I have posted on the LR forum.  Thanks to othersas well.

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                                      3wertig Level 1

                                      In LR you can change the catalog settings that all the changes you do to your images are also saved in sidecar .xmp files. .xmp files are simple text files with information like "exposure +2". If the files are not hidden in Bridge you can open them in a text editor.


                                      If you activate this you see the changes also in Bridge and you can open your images from Bridge in Camera Raw.


                                      I also use LR and Bridge, so this makes a lot of sense for me. Apart from that I feel better if the changes are also saved in these files and not just in the LR database.