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    Secure & Search PDF Files



      I am using CF10 with SQL Server 2012. I am building a site for my client that includes catalogues of PDF files. What is the best way to achieve this with Cold Fusion. In the past, the link to the PDF files were bookmarked and were accessible by the users after their subscription is expired __MCE_ITEM__L


      I have used Verity 7 years ago (CF MX I think) to do the search. If the user is subscribed to a certain catalogue, within the search results, a link is activated and the user is able to view the entire file. If not only a highlight will come up asking the user to subscribe.


         What is the best way to achieve this:

      __1. Using SQL Server blob fields? Will Verity be able to search PDFs inside BLOB fields?

      __2. SQL Server Full Text Search? How will we return the results to Cold Fusion

      __3. Keep the PDF files outside the database, what is the best technique to secure and search the files?


      Any other suggestion is appreciated.


      Thanks So Much