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    How do I know if a copy of Illustrator will be compatable with a UK laptop?


      My girlfriend lives over in the UK, while I'm in the US. For her birthday / prom I got her a Wacom Inkling... only to discover that it requires Illustrator to actually *use* it as more than a fancy pen. Needless to say I've seen searching around for a copy of Illustrator to buy for her to amend this blunder on my part, but all of the places I look online don't specify whether the software is greared towards US (NTSC formatted) or UK (PAL formatted) computer systems. Is there somewhere I can get a UK-specific copy of Illustrator, or is the software somehow universalized and thus region-coded issues are in fact non-issues? I'd like to know as soon as possible, one way or another. Thanks to anyone who can give me some insights here.