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    Document is licensed for a different user account.


      I'm tired of seeing this message. I just want to read my book. I have changed computers since I bought my ebook 2 years ago. At any rate, the book shows up as being in my library--but I can't read it because of the above message.


      I just went through a live chat and nothing came out of it except I was registered with Adobe. So...now I'm registered, my computer is authorized to my email account with Adobe, and I should be able to read my book.


      Not happening. I have to say that Adobe (right up there next to Microsoft) is the absolute worst software in the user-friendly department. (And customer service is pretty close to nil.) So instead of being able to simply read the book I own, I have to go through all of this. Why is it rocket science to just read the book? I really don't want to change the world or jump tall buildings in a single bound...I just want to read the book.


      I am hoping that someone can help me figure this out, because the live chat person I was working with told me that my only resort was in these forums.


      Can someone please help me read my book? (Well, I can actually read, but if you could help me access the book, I will be both happy and extremely impressed!)


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          Jim_Lester Level 4

          Well if you didn't register ADE on your original computer with an AdobeID, you are pretty much out of luck.  Your only recourse at this point would be to ask the place where you purchased the book originally for a redownload.

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            gsgfgma Level 1

            Thank you for responding. I bought the book through Borders, which is out of business now. Hence, my problem. I'll bet you are right, but if anyone has any other ideas, I would appreciate it. I have a Nook tablet. I wish I could just transfer it to that. I know B&N bought the customer list from Borders (my name was on it and I received an email from B&N about this). Maybe they could do some magic...just saying.

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              Frustrated in AZ Level 4

              The response you received from Jim Lester comes from a former ADE

              employee, so we have to trust his information.


              You can discuss the situation with B&N tech support: by now, they've run

              into issues like this with former Borders customers, so they may have

              figured out how to download the ebook to you again.  Good luck with that:

              I've seen posts here where the distributor has re-downloaded the ebook,

              and/or removed copyright restrictions.


              About your editorial....


              'Free' software doesn't mean there aren't strings attached.  Most of us

              expect any application that we install on our computers to operate

              intuitively - that is we don't have to read the manual (except for a brief

              set of instructions) to get the results we want.  Unfortunately, that's

              fiction - and when we run into problems using the software, we get really

              frustrated.  What we should be doing is getting an understanding of the

              environment that the software deals with, and adjusting our expectations

              accordingly.  We should be studying the software a bit more also, so we can

              figure out what features and functions we need to use to get the job done

              within that environment.  Electronic publishing has some 'ground rules'

              that ADE - and all of the other software that does the same thing - must

              follow, relating primarily to copyright protection.  Digital Rights

              Management rules are keeping you from transferring the ebook you downloaded

              because the publisher, author or distributor set the rules to 'no

              copying'.  That's outside our control, unfortunately, but it applies

              whether we like  it or not because THEY said so.  We have to understand

              that and make allowances.


              Adobe created its Content Server Manager software in part as a response to

              the publishing industry's rules.  It's capabilities are built into several

              of the epublication software suites, including Digital Editions.  Apple and

              Amazon have used slightly different software to accomplish the same goal.

              So, even if you switched to Kindles or i-somethingorothers, if the ebook

              itself has restrictions set on it, you'll get the same results.  So, Adobe

              Digital Editions isn't the villain here.




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                gsgfgma Level 1

                I understand what you are saying. However:

                (1) I have the paid for (expensive) Adobe Acrobat, and there are myriad problems with working in that. Every single time I try to do something, I have to grunt and gesture and hold my head and arms in just the right way to get it to work. And even then, it usually doesn't work correctly. Let me put it this way: I love being able to have pdfs of just about anything I want to save on my computer. But (and that's a very big "but"--no pun intended) I hate working with anything that Adobe has. It is still never user-friendly. So one can certainly understand my frustration with Adobe Digital Editions. (I really don't care about the politics and other details--I just want to read the book I paid for.)

                (2) If I paid for something, I really don't want a copy of it. I just want to read the original version. So I don't care about the restrictions on the digital book. I just want to read it. Surely someone can figure out a way to handle this what-should-be-simple-not-rocket-science request. I paid for a book, I own it, I bought it, it is mine...you get the point. Just find a way to let me be able to read it.


                I really want to live a simple life. Why does something like reading something I paid for have to be so complicated? It's not like I'm trying to sneak something by anybody, or cheat, or lie, or steal, or whatever.


                Enough said...If anyone actually has a solution to my dilemma, then please let me know. I appreciate anyone who has taken the time to respond to me...

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                  Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                  If I put that another way, you're right where I thought you were -

                  expecting things to work the way you want them to, instead of the way

                  they're programmed.  You can submit your thoughts to Adobe - they improve

                  Acrobat very often, and if your thoughts lead to a better, slicker or more

                  productive way to use their products, they'll be delighted to have those

                  thoughts (at least I would).  When it comes to the 'rules' for electronic

                  publishing, however, those 'rules' are actually part of the Digital

                  Millenium Copyright Act of 2000.  Changing them would mean getting an

                  international law changed - something that will take a concerted effort and

                  hard cash.



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                    gsgfgma Level 1

                    I'm sure we're at an impasse here, as I don't think you really get what I'm trying to say. It's all moot anyway, because there apparently is no solution to the problem at hand. I don't really care about the electronic publishing rules. I still don't see that it should take changing an international law to be able to read a book that I purchased. I'm not trying to copy it or resell it or do anything else but read it. Why is there a rule about that? It doesn't make any sense for something to be "programmed" to not allow somebody to read something they bought. Isn't a copyright supposed to protect someone from infringing on someone else's intellectual property? Well, I am not infringing on anything if I just want to read what I already own. So the "rules" thing doesn't really explain anything. I was able to read the book before. I have a receipt for my purchase. What has changed except that Borders has gone out of business? I mean...really, who never changes her computer? Or has it break down? Or whatever...I should be buying a license to a book and not a license for that book to be on a specific computer. How stupid is that?


                    And I certainly understand that I can't have everything I want, and that I can't expect everything to work the way I want it to. That's very obvious. I am saying that if anyone sells me (or anyone else, for that matter) something (no matter what format it's in), they are doing something illegal (as in: against the law) if they don't allow me to access what I paid for.


                    If I put that another way, you're right where I thought you were--not explaining anything to me about why I can't access what I bought. Suppose I go to Barnes and Noble and buy a paperback. I have bought the item and am walking out the door with my purchase. A B&N employee (or the police--or maybe the FBI or a UN representative) stops me at the door and tells me that I cannot take home what I paid for. This man knocks me down to the floor and takes my book away. This illustrious person then proceeds to put me in jail for causing him so much trouble and aggravation. Now of course I have exaggerated this story quite a bit, but this is exactly how I feel.


                    I don't need someone putting me down and implying that I have ridiculous expectations. It is very simple. It is not rocket science. Read my lips (or my typing, anyway). I bought something and I want to be able to access it.


                    What I need is a solution, not to be patronized. I know that I don't know everything about everything--and I don't pretend that things are any different than that. Again, I just want a solution, and so far I'm not hearing anything that solves my dilemma.


                    [Message was edited by: gsgfgma]  According to another source:  The way Adobe DRM works, the content is licensed to a particular user, and in order to transfer content from one device to another, you need to active all of them to the same user.  Your PDF is licensed to the user that was on your old computer.  That user was most likely anonymous and not tied to a particular AdobeID, meaning that there is no way for to activate your current computer or nook to the same user. This tells me that it IS the fault of Adobe, because of the way things are set up. So...how about it Adobe, if you want to improve your software...please change this whole setup thing. Come on, we like PDFs and you have potentially great products (some of them free). How about making them user friendly (as I mentioned before) and having happy campers for customers (so to speak)? Thank you in advance for being on the forefront of a renewed trend to great customer service!

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                      Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                      I'm sorry if you feel that my response to you is 'patronizing'.  The

                      questions regarding whether the way the industry has implemented rules for

                      digital distribution has been discussed off and on since I joined the Forum

                      in 2010 - and probably before that, as the rules have been in place for a

                      dozen years.


                      I understand your points.  It's just that, if you want to read ebooks, you

                      have to follow the rules.  It's not the same as buying a paperback, which

                      you can read, then lend to someone else, or resell.  That's the bottom line.



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                        Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                        I just posted a short reply to your post, but I didn't really address part

                        of your comments.  I thought I'd at least try to clarify a couple of points

                        in this one.


                        First, nobody's trying to keep you from reading the ebook you bought.  Due

                        to a set of circumstances, your access has been compromised.  We can't

                        change those circumstances, but you might be able to get them changed if

                        B&N can - or will - help you by allowing you to download the ebook again

                        into your current environment.  Jim Lester and I both told you that in

                        other replies.


                        The 'why' behind your circumstances is simply that you downloaded the ebook

                        in one environment, and now that environment has changed.  It might not be

                        the clearest explanation, but ADE's HELP section covers migrating to a new

                        computer.  You need to use the same ADE ID on the new one that you used on

                        the old one, and then port over the ebooks.  That does work - trust me,

                        I've done it.  Something happened to you during the changeover - and it

                        appears to me that part of the problem was that you didn't know what was

                        involved, and made some assumptions.  We've covered that part.


                        The solution - if there is one - is to work with the vendor.  As Jim Lester

                        said, there's nothing ADE can do to help at this point.



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                          JK from Enzed

                          I have a similar problem, receiving the same error message as the original poster. However, my issue is that I mistakenly created a second Adobe/ADE ID after a system rebuild, and now have books split between the two IDs. Is there any way I can combine the two accounts or is that not possible? Thanks for your learned and patient advice .

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                            Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                            I'm sorry, but there's no way short of deleting them from one ID and

                            downloading them again under the other one.


                            You can still access them if you 'switch' between the ID's - that's been

                            discussed on the forum recently.  All you do is deauthorize your copy of

                            ADE, then try to open one of the ebooks in the library.  You'll be asked to

                            authorize ADE again, and you can use that other ID.  Yes' it's a pain, but

                            it works....