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    Document is licensed for a different user account.


      I'm tired of seeing this message. I just want to read my book. I have changed computers since I bought my ebook 2 years ago. At any rate, the book shows up as being in my library--but I can't read it because of the above message.


      I just went through a live chat and nothing came out of it except I was registered with Adobe. So...now I'm registered, my computer is authorized to my email account with Adobe, and I should be able to read my book.


      Not happening. I have to say that Adobe (right up there next to Microsoft) is the absolute worst software in the user-friendly department. (And customer service is pretty close to nil.) So instead of being able to simply read the book I own, I have to go through all of this. Why is it rocket science to just read the book? I really don't want to change the world or jump tall buildings in a single bound...I just want to read the book.


      I am hoping that someone can help me figure this out, because the live chat person I was working with told me that my only resort was in these forums.


      Can someone please help me read my book? (Well, I can actually read, but if you could help me access the book, I will be both happy and extremely impressed!)