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    Clips on timeline in PP show colour bars after using warp stabiliser?


      Hello, hoping someone can help here as i have tried and cannot work out what i have done. I am using CS5.5, I used "replace with after effects" to send clips to AE, then used the warp stabiliser to stabilse footage. Effect could be seen back on PP project and looked fine. On re opening my project some time later i noticed colour bars showing on these clips i had used the warp stabiliser on, the clips still play but they show a brief shot of the colour bars. I think this may have started after i rendered my PP project? If i drag these clips into the source panel all i see is the colour bars moving around and yet it will play in the workspace from the timeline, i tried exporting to encoder and all i get is the colour bars. I am sure i have probably made a simple mistake here but i cannot work it out and am hoping someone can help me here.

      Thanks in advance