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    Illustrator CS6 Lagging

    berdie123 Level 1

      I'm asking if anyone else has had the issue I have, I'm using Illustrator CS6. I want to use the 3d bevel and extrude in a preview mode like I have in CS5. The lag I get is very jerky and sometime unresponsive.


      I'm a student in a BFA program so I'm learning as I go so bare with me if I don't explain my sittuation correctly.


      My specs are;


      MB Asus Extreme lll Formula X58

      CPU intel 980X 6 core

      Memory DDR3 18 gigs

      GPU 480GTX


      I thought it might be the memory I had installed so I added 12 more gigs and the result was the same. Do I need to pick up a workstation GPU? If so what is the recommondations under $500, on a student budget.