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    How did this person edit this picture? (I have Before & After example)



      I know it's a photo from the Sims 3 game (not much different from a photo of a human), but that's what I need help on. If you look at the after edit, the lips look jucier and fuller, the eyes are glowing more instead of being dull, and the shadows underneath the dude's eyes are emphasized so perfectly. The face is full of color instead of looking pale like the before picture and the brows also have more color. I'm not expert at photoshop CS5, so I can't figure out what tools the person used but I love the outcome of the edit so much. If anyone can show me step by step on what they did to achieve the edit, I'd appreciate it so much. I'm also going to post a larger picture of the after picture for those who want to see it in detail. I know it has that realistic vibe to it too, I want to achieve that as well!


      Sorry I don't have a large picture of the before picture, but I hope someone can help me out! Thanks in advance!