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    starting Solr server



      Is there another way to start the Sor seerver for searh collections except using terminal (I am on the mac) using this command:


      /Applications/ColdFusion10/cfusion/jetty/cfjetty start



      I know of other commands to start ColdFusion with a file. For intance if I double click /Applications/ColdFusion10/cfusion/bin/cf-standalone-startup it will satart CF 10.


      I am not too good at remembering these commands so I like that I can double click a file, and I was wondering if I could double click one of the files in  Solr or jetty to do this, I have not found this.


      Yes you can say I don't like using the command line, and wish Adobe had a GUI fto start/stop CF l;ike in CF 9, or there was something in the CF admin for everything else like starting the Solr server.