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    Noise Reduction Export


      I used noise reduction on a clip with a fade in, but when I export the noise reduction doesn't kick in for the first second of audio. Does this have something to do with doing a fade in?

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          Try doing that kind of work in Audition instead.

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            Richard M Knight Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            You could try adding the noise reduction to the clip without the fade, Nest the clip and then put the fade on the nest, might work.


            Richard Knight

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              I'm having the same problem...in Premiere, when I play through the timeline, the noise reduction is applied very effectively to every clip.  You never hear the background noise.  However, when I export and playback in QuickTime, every time a new audio segment begins in the video, the first few seconds play the original, unaltered audio (with no noise reduction), then suddenly the noise reduction kicks in and audio sounds good.


              Here is a export that demonstrates the problem pretty well:  https://vimeo.com/47687525


              I'm just now making the switch from Final Cut to Premiere so I don't even know where to start troubleshooting!  Surely this is not the way the noise reduction effect is supposed to function in Premiere...there's got to be a fix without using Audition.


              Any ideas?

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                josephs51576386 Level 3

                Try putting the effect you want to use on a track that all the footage that requires reduction is on instead of applying them to the clip itself. You can do this using the audio mixer.



                Just click on the arrow and then you will see the effects choices drop down. Simply set it up just like you normally would except this way it's applied to the entire track or entire project if you chose to do so by using the master track. However I wouldn't recommend that although if all clips need it then by all means. You can toggle the effects controls by double clicking it once it's applied.

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                  it makes no difference whether the effect is applied to the clip or the track.  the first second exports with noise.  The problem with doing it in audition is you have to bounce down the track and it would be nicer to have an editable/nondestructive effect in premiere.


                  Anyone found a solution to this?

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    That first 01 sec. seems to be how long it takes for that Effect to "lock in," so I do all my major Audio work in Audition - things are different there.


                    Good luck,



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                      droesch93 Level 1

                      That's what I have concluded as well.  I do like the simplicity of the Premiere noise reduction effect though.  It is easier than having to capture a noise profile and fine tuning.

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        I think that it is that noise profile capture, that weakens the PrPro Effect. I could be wrong, and maybe an Adobe Staff member will correct me.



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                          Jim_Simon Level 9

                          .there's got to be a fix without using Audition.


                          You may want one.  That doesn't mean there will be one.  At the moment, Audition is your best (only?) option.

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                            Hi, can someone elaborate on what is different in Audition?



                            The noise reduction is good, but still a delay in the onset.


                            With no control to specify that the effect 'reads ahead' the only option is to extend clips, export, and then edit them again in Premier. Which is backwards.


                            Need a solution here! :-)

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                              Leg Level 1

                              And another thing!


                              When sending audio sequence from Premier to Audition, the first clip does not have a handle at the start, which makes the work around even more of a pain.



                              A 'read ahead' control on the Noise Reduction plug in would solve this (and be well worth the plug-in delay compensation latency).

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                                Peter Stedt

                                I experience the same thing. Have put on the plugin Noise reduction (Premieres Pro CC 2017) on the soundtrack but when it is played in Pr and in the exported mp4 format, the noise reduction turns on after about 5-7 seconds.
                                So there is first the sound with noise (5-7 sec) and then without noise for the rest of the track.

                                It does not work for the customer and I can not get paid for my work.

                                What is the problem and how do I fix it?
                                Is there a come around?

                                Peter Stedt




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                                  Jim_Simon Level 9

                                  how do I fix it?


                                  I can only think to suggest the same as before.


                                  Do this kind of work in Audition.

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                                    fredm60269727 Level 1

                                    OK so this works for everything BUT the first couple seconds.  But it solves the problem of all other clips as long as the noise print is similar.


                                    Cut the audio but do not apply the noise reduction.

                                    Right click sequence and create new sequence from clip.  (a nested sequence)

                                    select the audio clip in the nested sequence and apply the noise reduction to the whole audio clip. As long as you don't cut that clip it will work through the nested cuts.