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    i5 3550 Nvida 550 Ti 16GB plays DSLR and AVCHD pip! (thought i would post good news)

    funkytwig Level 1

      Hi, I had been having a real nightmare and just upgraded my Nvida drivers (and windows 7 installed service pack 1) and now everything (touch wood) seems to be working great.  I did a Picture in picture (played 2 streams at once) for both DSLR and AVCHD footage and it played full without dropping frames (OK it does sometimes, i.e. every few minutes but it is at full).  I added an auto levels to both clips and it played 1/2 rez without dropping frames!


      I thought the i5 3550 was a fairly poky CPU (its 3rd gen and in benchmarks outperforms some i7) but people kept on telling me i5 were not good for PP/DSLR (seems the new ones may be OK). People also said the 550 Ti was not really up to it and I needed 32GB memory.  I know pride comes before a fall and all that but thought it would be good to post good news for a change;).



      I am not disagreeing with the general combined wisdom on this forum for the type of setup you should have if you are making a living out of using PP but it is nice that it seems possible to build a workable 'student' system.